Payal Shah

Web Developer

Meet Payal Shah, a seasoned professional driven by a passion for harnessing her skills in a collaborative team setting. Armed with an MBA from Sanghvi Institute Of Science and Management, INDORE, and a B.E in Information & Technology, she boasts an impressive academic background marked by consistent excellence. Specializing as an RIA developer, Payal excels in WordPress, HTML, and CSS, crafting websites that exemplify her mastery.

With over 5 years of hands-on experience as an HTML and WordPress developer, Payal brings a wealth of technical expertise to every project. But her talents extend beyond the realm of coding; she’s also an adept painter, particularly fond of Tanjore painting. Furthermore, Payal’s proficiency in Phonics, Grammar, Math, and Coding underscores her multifaceted abilities.

Outside of the digital sphere, Payal finds joy in dancing and immersing herself in music, reflecting her vibrant personality and diverse interests.

Payal Shah,Team Member Mantrakaar - A Digital Geek Company
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Parag Gogari

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