Dipesh Gosar


Dipesh Gosar is a highly accomplished digital professional with over 15 years of experience in digital experience, analytics, projects, and marketing. He has helped many clients in delivering seamless end-to-end digital and customer experience programs through design-thinking, and evangelizing the “centre of excellence for digital experience and optimization”. Dipesh have worked with national and international brands in India and UK. Dipesh have helped brands like Visiti Scotland, Sainsbury’s Bank, Edinburgh Wollen Mills, to achieve growth by utilizing data, insight and creating experimentation culture.

Dipesh Gosar , Co-Founder Mantrakaar - A Digital Geek Company

The team of Mantrakaar

Parag Gogari , Founder Mantrakaar - A Digital Geek Company

Parag Gogari


Manisha Gosar,Team Member Mantrakaar - A Digital Geek Company

Manisha Gosar


Bhadra Gogari, Team Member ,Mantrakaar - A Digital Geek Company

Bhadra Gogari


Payal Shah,Team Member Mantrakaar - A Digital Geek Company

Payal Shah

Web Developer