Bhadra Gogari


Bhadra Gogari, a pivotal member of our team and the driving force behind MANTRAKAAR. Bhadra’s educational journey is a testament to her diverse interests and dedication to personal growth, holding a BA in Psychology alongside a Diploma in Home Science. Her professional background is equally dynamic, having seamlessly transitioned from roles in human resources to becoming the proud owner of the handcrafted skincare brand, BLISS.

Bhadra’s expertise is characterized by her exceptional communication skills, a trait honed through her experience in human resources and entrepreneurship. As a relentless learner, she thrives on staying abreast of industry developments and emerging trends, consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation. With Bhadra’s leadership at the helm, our team is inspired to embrace challenges, foster creativity, and deliver results that exceed expectations.

In Bhadra Gogari, MANTRAKAAR finds not only a Director but a visionary leader who embodies the ethos of continuous improvement and unwavering dedication. Her unique blend of education, experience, and expertise shapes our agency’s culture of excellence, propelling us towards new heights of success in the dynamic digital landscape.

Bhadra Gogari, Team Member ,Mantrakaar - A Digital Geek Company

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Parag Gogari , Founder Mantrakaar - A Digital Geek Company

Parag Gogari


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